Title Scripture Speaker Date Series Hits
Caesar or God: a False Dichotomy? Matthew 22:15 Doug Friedman 2008-07-19 Gospel Harmony 0
Banquet Time, and YOU'RE Invited! Matthew 22:1 Doug Friedman 2008-07-11 Gospel Harmony 0
The Consequences of Rejecting Yeshua Matthew 21:28 Doug Friedman 2008-07-04 Gospel Harmony 1
How Not to Approach God? Luke 19:45-20:8 Doug Friedman 2008-06-27 Gospel Harmony 1
Two Reasons Why Yeshua Was Rejected John 12:37 Doug Friedman 2008-05-30 Gospel Harmony 0
Faith: It's Harder than You Thought, and Later than You Think John 12:20 Doug Friedman 2008-05-23 Gospel Harmony 1
Dying to Have Eternal Life John 12:20 Doug Friedman 2008-05-16 Gospel Harmony 0
Leon Leyson 2008-05-02 1
Leon Leyson Part Two 2008-05-02 Holocaust 0
So, Nu Already... Where's the Fruit? - Cursing the Fig Tree and Cleansing the Temple Matthew 21:10 Doug Friedman 2008-04-25 Gospel Harmony 0
From Cheers to Tears - Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem Matthew 21:1 Doug Friedman 2008-04-11 Gospel Harmony 0
Miriam Knows Best - Miriam Anoints Yeshua with Costly Perfume Matthew 26:6 Doug Friedman 2008-04-04 Gospel Harmony 1
Call to Stewardship - How Do We Spend Our Time? Luke 19:11 Albert Cerussi 2008-03-27 Gospel Harmony 0
L'Chaim - To Life! (The raising of Lazarus) John 11:1 Doug Friedman 2008-03-13 Gospel Harmony 1
The Purpose of the Parable of "The Master of the Household" Matthew 20:1 Albert Cerussi 2008-03-07 Gospel Harmony 2
Go Climb a Tree, Zacchaeus! Luke 19:1 Doug Friedman 2008-02-29 Gospel Harmony 0
O, To See Like the Tax Collector (Prayers of the Pharisee and the Tax Collector) Luke 18:9 Doug Friedman 2008-02-22 Gospel Harmony 2
Squeaky but Faithful (The Parable of the Persistent Widow) Luke 18:1 Doug Friedman 2008-02-15 Gospel Harmony 0
Another Good Samaritan (Healing of Ten Lepers) Luke 17:11 Doug Friedman 2008-02-01 Gospel Harmony 0
There’s No Whining in Obedience (Four lessons in discipleship) Luke 17:1 Doug Friedman 2008-01-25 Gospel Harmony 0


We worship Shabbat morning at 10:30am

1090 N Batavia St, (Please Note: entrance to the building is on Struck Ave)
Orange CA 92867

Phone: (949) 551-2659

Email: info@bendavidmjc.org

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