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Alexis Hernandes, Ministry Coordinator

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"Then the King will tell those on His right hand, 'Come, blessed of My Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you... for I was in prison and you came to Me." Matthew 25:34-36

Alexis visited a brother who was also in Chino prison by the name Mathew Virak. He just got out three months ago and lives in Hollister California, about an hour and a half from San Francisco.

Alexis also met up with another brother who was with him in San Diego Ca. His name is Johnny Buccanfuso. They had some breakfast and just caught up. He works for the city of Westminster for the water department.

Oscar Martinez is one of the men who was in the OC jail and got out in May and is now working.

Alexis and brother Lance. Lance was serving a life sentence in Chino California institution for Men, after 23plus years he was found suitable for parole. Lance would conduct Bible studies on the prison yard while Alexis was there from 2018-2019. The Lord used Lance to guide and strengthen Alexis's growth in the faith. Lance was released in February 2020.

Brother Charles at a Men's morning fellowship. Alexis and Charles were both in the California Institution for Men in Chino CA. Charles was serving a life sentence and had served 20plus years. By the grace of God, Charles was found suitable for parole and was released early 2019. Alexis met with him again in 2022.

Chino California institution for Men. Alexis is picking up brother Eunyoung Kim from the prison grounds in September 2022. He has been out now for 4 months has a job and continues to meet parole requirement to fully discharge from the California department of corrections. Alexis and Kim were incarcerated in Chino from 2018-2019. Kim served 9 years out of a 13-year term.

In San Deigo California Richard J. Donovan correctional facility. Brother German and Alexis met in Tehachapi California correctional institution and were cell mates for 7 months in 2015. Both weren't believers yet. Alexis became a believer in 2017. Shortly after his parole in 2019, Alexis shared the gospel with German and he became a believer since 2020. The Lord continues to work in German's life as he is serving a life sentence.

Entering Richard J. Donovan correctional facility San Deigo California.

Stockton California at the California Healthcare Center with Brother Jeremiah. In December 2022, Alexis got permission to visit Jeremiah after almost 4 years from Alexis's parole. He and Alexis were incarcerated from 2018-2019 in Chino California institution for Men. He is serving a life without parole sentence, also known as LWOP, but with the Lord nothing is impossible.

Brother Mwamba Ruffin in the Illinois department of corrections. Alexis communicates with him via email, mail, and phone calls. He sends him reading material and the Messianic Times magazine. We occasionally are allowed to add money into his account enabling him to purchase additional things from the prison shop.

Sister Vanessa in Texas Department of corrections. Alexis corresponds with her via email and mail. He regularly sends her the Messianic Times magazine, encouraging letters, and other reading material.

Brother Jason incarcerated in Kentucky department of corrections. Alexis communicates with him via email and mail. He regularly sends him the Messianic Times magazine and other reading material.

Alexis Hernandez

Prison Ministry Coordinator
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