Gospel Harmony

Speakers: Albert Cerussi , Doug Friedman
Title Scripture Speaker Date
The Gospels' Main Point Doug Friedman 2010-04-24
Great Omissions Matthew 28:16 Albert Cerussi 2010-04-03
If you Love the Lord, Take Care of Each Other John 21:12 Doug Friedman 2010-03-20
When God Doesn't Make Sense John 20:30-21:11 Doug Friedman 2010-03-13
The Greatest Gift in This World is not OF This World Luke 24:1-36 Doug Friedman 2010-03-06
Expectations, Frustrations, and Doubt John 20:24 Albert Cerussi 2010-02-20
On the Road to Emmaus: Have We Missed the Point? Luke 24:13 Doug Friedman 2010-02-13
The Empty Tomb Matthew 28:11 Doug Friedman 2010-02-06
Why Don't More Jewish People Recognize Yeshua? Matthew 28:7 Doug Friedman 2010-01-23
Remember, and Trust in, His Words Matthew 27:62-28:6 Doug Friedman 2010-01-16
How do we Know that Yeshua REALLY Died on the Cross? Matthew 27:57 Doug Friedman 2010-01-09
So That You May Believe John 19:31 Doug Friedman 2010-01-02
Who REALLY Died on the Cross? Matthew 27:50 Doug Friedman 2009-12-26
Did Yeshua HAVE TO Die? Matthew 27:45 Doug Friedman 2009-12-12
Compassion in the Middle of Crucifixion Luke 23:26 Albert Cerussi 2009-12-05
Did the Bible REALLY Say Yeshua Is King? John 18:28-19:16 Doug Friedman 2009-11-28
Who Killed the King of the Jews? Matthew 27:15 Doug Friedman 2009-11-14
Caiaphas, Pilate, and Herod: Lessons in Failed Leadership Luke 23:4 Doug Friedman 2009-11-07
What Will YOU do With the Truth? Matthew 27:11 Doug Friedman 2009-10-31
The Dichotomy of Sin: Repentence v. Remorse, Peter v. Judas Matthew 27:1 Doug Friedman 2009-10-24


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