Shmuel Oppenheim

Guest Speaker

Title Scripture Date Series Hits
Hineni - "Here I Am" ... ready to serve Genesis 22:1-18 2022-11-19 General Topics 62
What is the real evidence to believe? Exodus 19:14 2019-06-21 Discernment 47
Under the Torah of Love, Grace and Hope Deuteronomy 7 2018-08-17 Discernment 53
Hineni: Here I Am! what God asked of Abraham Genesis 22:1-18 2017-12-29 Discernment 53
Title Description Hits
General Topics Topics of general interest. 1830
Discernment 2518


We worship Shabbat morning at 10:30am

1090 N Batavia St, (Please Note: entrance to the building is on Struck Ave)
Orange CA 92867

Phone: (949) 551-2659


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