Speakers: Charles Ott , Doug Friedman , Olivier Melnick , Robb Schwartz , Rory Daugherty
Title Scripture Speaker Date
Purim: Things Hidden Right in Front of Us Doug Friedman 2017-03-10
Hanukkah, Why Does John Mention the Feast of the Dedication? Doug Friedman 2016-12-31
The State of Israel, of God or of Men? Doug Friedman 2016-05-14
Purim: When You Cannot See the Hand of God Esther Doug Friedman 2016-03-26
Purim; Esther and Bibi: What Do They Have in Common? Doug Friedman 2016-03-19
Chanukah Celebrates an Historic Event John 10:22 Doug Friedman 2015-12-12
Yom HaAtzmaut, Origins of the Modern State of Israel Doug Friedman 2015-04-25
Yom HaShoah - 2006 Doug Friedman 2006-04-28

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