Jewish Apologetics

Speakers: Brian Crawford , Charles Ott , Doug Friedman , Joseph Ryan , Michael Brown , Olivier Melnick , Robb Schwartz
Title Scripture Speaker Date
Who are the “NEW” Righteous Among the Nations? Matthew 25:31-46 Olivier Melnick 2022-02-26
What Powers Your Faith: A Defense of the Resurrection of Yeshua 1 Corinthians 15:14-17 Brian Crawford 2021-11-06
Has the Church Provoked Israel to Jealousy? Romans 11:11 Doug Friedman 2017-07-08
Human Sacrifice—No! Rather, the death of the Righteous Atones! Charles Ott 2017-07-08
Basic Bible Premises Robb Schwartz 2017-06-30
Is God One, or Three? 1 Peter 3:15 Doug Friedman 2017-06-23
Priestly Ministry of Yeshua Michael Brown 2015-02-14
One King Two Comings Joseph Ryan 2014-06-07


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