Jewish Outreach

Speakers: Avner Boskey , Bruce Cohen , Doug Friedman , Gideon Levytam , Olivier Melnick , Ryan Jones
Title Scripture Speaker Date
The Message of Malachi to Israel Malachi Gideon Levytam 2019-07-27
Jewish Outreach Galatians 1:11-18 Doug Friedman 2019-06-15
He's Got Plans of His Own Ezekiel 37 Avner Boskey 2018-11-03
Why Would God Want the House of Israel in Los Angeles to Meet You? Micah 6:8 Bruce Cohen 2017-09-09
Israel Today Magazine - Deteriorating the Christian Support for Israel Ryan Jones 2017-08-26
From Paris to Jerusalem Zechariah Olivier Melnick 2015-08-01
The Most Controversial Chapter in the Bible Isaiah 53 Doug Friedman 2015-03-21


We worship Shabbat morning at 10:30am

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