Speakers: Albert Cerussi , Charles Ott , Doug Friedman , Olivier Melnick , Rory Daugherty
Title Scripture Speaker Date
Parashat Ha'Azinu - Deuteronomy 32 Deuteronomy 32 Rory Daugherty 2023-09-23
From Jacob to Israel Genesis 32:28 Charles Ott 2017-06-17
Three Main Jewish Objections to Yeshua Olivier Melnick 2016-11-12
Why God Allows Evil and Suffering 2013-04-05
Why God Allows Evil and Suffering Q & A 2013-04-05
The Death of Darwinism Doug Friedman 2009-06-26
Review the Apologetics Series Doug Friedman 2005-01-04
Science and the Bible Albert Cerussi 2004-12-03
Alleged Discrepancies in the Brit Chadashah Doug Friedman 2004-11-26
Alleged Discrepancies in the Tanakh Doug Friedman 2004-11-19
Dinosaurs and the Bible - Gish 2004-11-05
Resurrection on Trial - Part 2 Doug Friedman 2004-10-29
Resurrection on Trial - Part 1 Doug Friedman 2004-10-22
Intelligent Design Albert Cerussi 2004-10-15
Big Bang Doug Friedman 2004-10-08
The History of the Tanakh Doug Friedman 2004-09-19
Is the Exodus History? Albert Cerussi 2004-09-10
Do the stones cry out, or have Alzheimer's - Biblical Archeology Albert Cerussi 2004-09-03
The History of the Brit Chadashah Scriptures - Part 2 Doug Friedman 2004-08-27
The History of the Brit Chadashah Scriptures - Part 1 Doug Friedman 2004-08-20

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