Speakers: Albert Cerussi , Doug Friedman
Title Scripture Speaker Date
The Real Meaning of the Book of Acts Acts 28:25 Doug Friedman 2013-08-17
Know Your Bible, Know Your Audience Acts 28:16 Doug Friedman 2013-08-10
How to Avoid Discouragement Acts 28:11 Doug Friedman 2013-08-03
Serve Despite Difficulties Acts 28:1 Doug Friedman 2013-07-27
Saved by a Shipwreck Acts 27:37 Doug Friedman 2013-07-20
Problems Are Opportunities Acts 27:27 Doug Friedman 2013-07-13
What REALLY Matters in Life? Acts 27:1 Doug Friedman 2013-07-06
What Keeps Most People from Believing in Yeshua? Acts 26:19 Doug Friedman 2013-06-29
The Two Spiritual Inseparables Acts 26:9 Doug Friedman 2013-06-22
The Heart of Paul's Testimony Acts 25:23-26:8 Doug Friedman 2013-06-15
Regarding the Truth: Who Really Cares? Acts 25:13 Doug Friedman 2013-06-08
Obedience Must Be Patient Acts 25:1 Doug Friedman 2013-05-25
Truth or Fiction? Acts 24:1 Doug Friedman 2013-04-20
A Sub-theme for Acts Acts 23:25 Doug Friedman 2013-03-23
In the Father's Hand Acts 23:12 Doug Friedman 2013-03-16
Is Witnessing Enough? Acts 22:30-23:11 Doug Friedman 2013-03-09
Discerning God's Calling Acts 22:23 Doug Friedman 2013-03-02
Know God's Word to Know God Acts 21:37-22:22 Doug Friedman 2013-02-16
Rejection Acts 21:27 Doug Friedman 2013-02-09
Law or Liberty: Which Is It? Acts 21:15 Doug Friedman 2013-02-02


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