Sermon List

Sermon Series

Title Scripture Speaker Date Series Hits
A pre-Shavuot Message: Worship in Spirit and Truth Chuck Ott 2018-05-12 Discernment 443
The God of All Comfort 2 Corinthians 1:3-7 Doug Friedman 2018-05-05 2 Corinthians 381
2 Corinthians - An Introduction 2 Corinthians 1:1-2 Doug Friedman 2018-04-28 2 Corinthians 415
"The Modern State of Israel" - Yom Ha'Atzmaut 2018 Doug Friedman 2018-04-21 Observances 444
A Passover Message: Living Like Matzah Chuck Ott 2018-04-07 Biblical Holy Days 721
Our God, Our Protector, Our Defender in the Heights Joseph Ryan 2018-03-24 Jewish Outreach 661
Today's Jewish Objections to Yeshua Doug Friedman 2018-03-17 Jewish Apologetics 553
Yeshua's Discipleship Teachings: Impossible? Unnatural? Un-Jewish? Chuck Ott 2018-03-10 Jewish Apologetics 718
Purim: Unmasking Another Secret in the Book of Esther Doug Friedman 2018-03-03 Observances 613
Jewish People Don't Need a Middleman Robb Schwartz 2018-02-24 Jewish Apologetics 595
Why Did God Allow Six Million Jews to Die in the Holocaust? Doug Friedman 2018-02-17 Jewish Apologetics 589
Yeshua, our High Priest Seated at the Right Hand of God (Ps. 110:1-4) Chuck Ott 2018-02-10 Jewish Apologetics 772
Isaiah 53 – Historic Judaism Said It’s About Messiah, Not Israel Doug Friedman 2018-02-03 Jewish Apologetics 791
The Suffering Servant of Isaiah 53 Doug Friedman 2018-01-27 Jewish Apologetics 678
How is it Yeshua’s own People and Leaders Rejected Him as Messiah? Chuck Ott 2018-01-20 Jewish Apologetics 867
Jewish Objection: Jews Don't Believe in a Divine Messiah - (Part 3) Robb Schwartz 2018-01-13 Jewish Apologetics 702
Yeshua Abolished the Law, Didn’t He? Doug Friedman 2018-01-06 Jewish Apologetics 733
Hineni: Here I Am! Shmuel Oppenheim 2017-12-30 General Topics 673
2nd Coming? Messiah Revealed, Rejected, Hidden, Fully Revealed-(Pt 2) Chuck Ott 2017-12-23 Jewish Apologetics 872
Hanukkah: What Really Happened Doug Friedman 2017-12-16 Observances 789