Sermon List

Title Scripture Speaker Date Hits
Purim: The Sovereignty of God, or the Free Will of Man? Doug Friedman 2013-02-23 875
Three Chanukah Questions Doug Friedman 2012-12-15 939
Is SimchatTorah an Oxymoron? Doug Friedman 2012-10-06 914
Dedicate the Temple of the Lord to the Lord of the Temple 2 Chronicles 7:1-11 Doug Friedman 2012-05-05 728
Why All Believers Should Celebrate Israel Independence Day Deuteronomy 30:1-3 Doug Friedman 2012-04-28 726
The Resurrection: Fact or Fiction? Doug Friedman 2012-04-14 700
Purim: Faith When the Opposition Seems Overwhelming Doug Friedman 2012-03-10 591
Chanukah: Why Is It Mentioned in the Gospel of John? Doug Friedman 2011-12-24 537
Simchat Torah: A Word on the Word Doug Friedman 2011-10-22 521
Israel in Scripture Doug Friedman 2011-05-07 456
The Three Most Important Words in the Bible Doug Friedman 2011-04-23 463
Purim: The Hidden Hand in Hindsight Doug Friedman 2011-03-19 479
Chanukah: A Time to Trust and Act Doug Friedman 2010-12-04 419
Yom HaAtzmaut: The Future of Israel Doug Friedman 2010-04-17 494
Purim: Life Lessons from the Book of Esther Doug Friedman 2010-02-27 456
Hanukkah: It's Time for Personal Rededication Doug Friedman 2009-12-19 465
Simchat Torah: Why Should We Be So Happy? Doug Friedman 2009-10-10 500
Yom HaAtzmaut, Israel Independence Day: Why Should I Care? Doug Friedman 2009-05-02 455
Elements of Biblically-based Thanksgiving Culture Albert Cerussi 2008-11-29 506
Simchat Torah Service Albert Cerussi 2008-10-25 544