Sermon List

Title Scripture Speaker Date Hits
Simchat Torah: Can the Mosaic LAW Really Be a JOY? Doug Friedman 2018-09-29 210
"The Modern State of Israel" - Yom Ha'Atzmaut 2018 Doug Friedman 2018-04-21 444
Purim: Unmasking Another Secret in the Book of Esther Doug Friedman 2018-03-03 613
Hanukkah: What Really Happened Doug Friedman 2017-12-16 789
Yom HaAtzmaut, Israel Independence Day Doug Friedman 2017-05-06 745
Chanukah, Then and Now Doug Friedman 2016-12-31 740
The Forgotten Message of Chanukah Chuck Ott 2016-12-24 732
Simchat Torah Doug Friedman 2016-10-29 717
Purim: When You Cannot See the Hand of God Doug Friedman 2016-03-26 657
Chanukah Celebrates an Historic Event Doug Friedman 2015-12-12 700
Yom HaAtzmaut, Origins of the Modern State of Israel Doug Friedman 2015-04-25 663
Purim; Esther and Bibi: What Do They Have in Common? Doug Friedman 2015-03-07 687
Hanukkah, Why Does John Mention the Feast of the Dedication? Doug Friedman 2014-12-20 593
Yom HaAtzmaut: The Road to Independence, A Very Painful Journey Doug Friedman 2014-05-03 581
Purim: Things Hidden Right in Front of Us Doug Friedman 2014-03-15 713
Krystallnacht, The Night of Broken Glass Doug Friedman 2013-11-09 713
Yom HaAtzmaut: How Has God Protected Israel Doug Friedman 2013-04-13 646
Purim: The Sovereignty of God, or the Free Will of Man? Doug Friedman 2013-02-23 649
Three Chanukah Questions Doug Friedman 2012-12-15 728
Is SimchatTorah an Oxymoron? Doug Friedman 2012-10-06 706