Sermon List

Title Scripture Speaker Date Hits
Rosh HaShanah, The Feast of Trumpets Doug Friedman 2016-10-01 1801
Shavuot Akiva ben Enoch 2016-06-11 1527
Sukkot, Mentioned in the Bible More Than All Other Feasts of Israel Doug Friedman 2015-10-03 1510
Yom Kippur: Past, Present, and Future Doug Friedman 2015-09-19 1590
When Will the Day of Trumpets Be Fulfilled? Doug Friedman 2015-09-12 1580
Shavuot Doug Friedman 2015-05-23 1574
Feast of First Fruits: Evidence for the Resurrection Doug Friedman 2015-04-11 1420
Sukkot: Past, Present, and Future Doug Friedman 2014-10-11 1467
Is Yom Kippur of Value for Believers Today? Doug Friedman 2014-10-04 1325
Why Do We Blow the Shofar Today? Doug Friedman 2014-09-27 1451
Sukkot: What Is Its Prophetic Significance? Doug Friedman 2013-09-21 1462
Yom Kippur: What Is Its Prophetic Significance? Doug Friedman 2013-09-14 1314
Rosh HaShanah 5774: Are You Ready to Go? Doug Friedman 2013-09-07 1275
Shavuot: The True Meaning of Acts 2 Doug Friedman 2013-05-18 1100
Sukkot: God Is With Us Matt Davis 2012-09-29 1249
What's the Point of the Day of Atonement for Believers in Yeshua? Doug Friedman 2012-09-22 1031
Rosh HaShanah: Living Right in a Broken World Doug Friedman 2012-09-15 1019
Shavuot: A Love Story Ruth 1:1-4:22 Doug Friedman 2012-05-26 1145
The Evolution of Sukkot in God's Plan of Salvation Albert Cerussi 2011-10-15 1189
Yom Kippur: Reasons to Believe in Yeshua Doug Friedman 2011-10-08 1004