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Sermon Series

Title Scripture Speaker Date Series Hits
Does the Hebrew Bible teach that I MUST Believe in Yeshua? 2017-09-16 Jewish Apologetics 181
Endless Genealogies? 2017-09-02 Jewish Apologetics 282
Jewish Objection: The New Testament is Anti-Semitic 2017-08-26 Jewish Apologetics 174
Repentance Worked for Nineveh, so Who Needs Yeshua? 2017-08-19 Jewish Apologetics 201
Who Is This Child Spoken of in Isaiah 9? 2017-08-12 Jewish Apologetics 192
Claiming that Jesus is God makes God into a Man 2017-08-05 Jewish Apologetics 230
Centrality of Blood Sacrifice 2017-07-29 Jewish Apologetics 322
A Virgin Birth? 2017-07-22 Jewish Apologetics 199
If Jesus is Really the Messiah, Why Isn't There Peace on Earth? 2017-07-15 Jewish Apologetics 144
Human Sacrifice—no! But the death of the Righteous Atones! 2017-07-08 Jewish Apologetics 222
Basic Bible Premises 2017-07-01 Jewish Apologetics 117
Is God One, or Three? 2017-06-24 Jewish Apologetics 151
Pronouncing the Name of God 2017-06-17 Discernment 129
Has The Church Provoked Israel to Jealousy? 2017-06-10 Discernment 109
Shavuot 2017-06-03 Biblical Holy Days 106
Final Warning from Joshua 2017-05-27 Joshua 133
Campus Intifada 2017-05-20 Jewish Outreach 109
Counting the Omer: A Time for Peace 2017-05-13 Biblical Holy Days 123
Yom HaAtzmaut, Israel Independence Day 2017-05-06 Observances 105
The Book of Joshua 2017-04-29 Joshua 119